A Genealogical Prophecy in Names

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All names in the Hebrew language have meanings. Take, for instance, the first ten names of the Patriarchs in the line of Seth: read them as stated in I Chronicles 1, and in their meanings we get a step further in revelations as to man’s redemption.

Adam means man
Seth means appointed
Enos means miserable and incurable
Canaan means the object of mercy
Mahalaheel means one who is mighty with God
Jared means shall descend
Enoch means the consecrated one
Methuselah means his death shall send forth
Lamech means when smitten
Noah means rest

Now read the meanings of the words, and omit the names, and we are reading that which is prophetic of the Lord Jesus Christ. Italic words are supplied for readability.

Man is appointed to be miserable and incurable, the object of mercy. One Who is mighty with God shall descend – the Consecrated One – His death shall send forth, when smitten, rest.

Edward Henry Clayton (1887-1972)
Grace & Truth Magazine
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